About West Coast Long Range

West Coast Long Range was founded in 2020 by Mark Zorich

Bad terrain precision shooting.Sniper on the go.

Mark spent the better part of his 20s in the US Air Force. After multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman and Kuwait Mark wanted to a change of pace. In early 2015 Mark left the USAF and began his career as a Law Enforcement Officer. Quickly he found his niche in the tactical aspect of the profession. Mark joined his departments SWAT team where he held a variety of positions but one truly gained his passion and that was being a sniper. 

Mark went to through a basic sniper course and after that it was a love affair. Mark quickly became his SWAT teams lead sniper, and 2019 became one of only a handful of POST (Police Officer standard of Training) Sniper Instructors in the state of California.

Besides being a sniper instructor, Mark has been through multiple advanced sniper courses with some of the industries top instructors.

He is also a POST Certified Firearms Instructor, a vehicle counter ambush instructor, been through SWAT/Sniper team leader courses, and SWAT/Sniper team assessment courses. Mark has taken all this knowledge and coupled it with his passion for teaching and put together a wide range of high quality courses.

These days when Mark isn’t teaching, you can find him competing in the PRS (Precision Rifle Series), NRLH (National Rifle League Hunter Series) or the NRL22/ NR22x Series. Mark is also an avid big game hunter who enjoys spending his falls in the back country chasing deer and elk.  He finished the 2023 shooting season as one of the top shooters in the nation. He finished 8th in his class and 25th over all for the NRL Hunter and in the top 100 shooters for the PRS 22lr series.

Besides Mark, you can expect to find a variety of industry professions helping him at his courses. Whether its high level competitive shooters or other operators Mark has worked with in his time on the teams. We strive to have the best instruction you can get with professions with in the firearms industry.

Sniper tripod placement for precision shootingSniper crosshairs.Start Training With Mark

Our Range

While we teach all over the west coast and Almost all over the USA we do have a home range located just outside of Woodland CA. 

The Conformation Range

We have backers at 50-100 yards to confirm zeros and gather data. We also have steel targets of various size out to 300 yards.

The Field Range

This range simulates field like conditions. You can shoot perched high atop a hill into a valley or from the valley floor at targets on top of the hills. This range has targets out from 250 yards to 1050 yards. Targets will primarily be 2-3 MOA in size and the majority of targets on this range are animal silhouettes.

(Extended Long Range)

Sat atop the highest hill on the property this is our flagship range. Targets at this firing line are all 2 MOA or smaller. This range is designed to push your abilities as a shooter. There are no “give me” targets on this range. We designed this range specifically to make you analyze the terrain, read the wind, and make a precise and accurate shot. Targets start at 300 yards and are placed out to 1750 yards currently.

Sorry this range is not open to the general public at anytime. Please do not contact us to see if you can use the range on your own. This range is exclusively for WCLR and our events. We would love to have you out so please book a spot in one of our classes, a lesson, or come to one of our  matches that will be held at the range.

WCLR Precision shooting class picture.Urban precision shooting from cover.Teen at precision shooting course.Precision shooting rifle in prone position.WCLR Precision shooting student shooting in prone position.