Private Lessons

We all have Different
Learning Styles

…and we all have different goals when it comes to shooting. Sometimes a class or a clinic doesn’t cover everything you are looking to achieve, or maybe you learn better in a 1:1 environment. We are here to help. Whether you are just starting your journey into precision shooting, looking to brush up on your skills before hunting season, or ready to push your limits and jump into shooting at extended ranges. Prior to your lesson we will have a consultation with you where we will get an understanding of where you are at with your shooting abilities and set somegoals for the session(s).

Lesson pricing varies on the range being used and how many people that areparticipating (discounts start at anything over 2 people). We can also offer discounts if you book multiple lessons.

WCLR precision shooting is for women as wellSniper crosshairs.get started now !
WCLR Precision shooting class picture.Urban precision shooting from cover.Teen at precision shooting course.Precision shooting rifle in prone position.WCLR Precision shooting student shooting in prone position.