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Mentorship Program

WCLR precision shooting instructor teaching studentWCLR precision shooting instructor during sheriff swat sniper school

Having a mentor or a guide is an invaluable resource when it
comes to the precision
shooting world.

If you don't know anything about sniper teams you will have a shooter and a spotter. Generally the new sniper to the team is the shooter and the experienced sniper is the spotter. It take years of dedication and practice to become what some would call an expert and have the ability to guide and correct that new shooter and mold them into that expert “sniper”.

One thing that is missing with in the precision rifle community is the sniper/spotter relationship, or having that experienced shooter as a guide to help you on your journey in the precision shooting realm. While Youtube and social media have helped with the spread of information, it has also helped further old myths or boast people who “have a secret method” that no one else in the industry uses. Through our classes and clinics we have see it all when it comes to the right and wrong, and we feel new shooters need that “spotter” to help guide them

With our mentorship program we will develop a detailed list of goals that you are looking to reach.

Prone precision shooter during mentorship program

Once we find those goals, we will develop a series of lessons that build off each other and help you progress in your shooting career. With our mentorship program you will book a minimum of 3 lessons with us. We will track your progress through each lesson, give you drills to work on at home, drills to work on at the range on your own, have you check in with us and track your progress through your journey. We will also be here for when you have questions, need advise, or find yourselfstuck at a plateau ( it happens to all of us at some point). 

We have found this will save you money in the long run. Not only will we help you get the gear you need from the start, we will also save you money on ammo as you are not going to be out trying to figure out what you are doing wrong by yourself.

This program is 100% customized to you. Contact us to get started.

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